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Cheryl M. Rhode, CPACheryl M. Rhode, CPA

Ms. Rhode specializes in audit, accounting, business valuation, and litigation services. Read More »


Christopher M. Roberts, CPA Christopher M. Roberts, CPA

Mr. Roberts specializes in audit and accounting services. Read More »


2741 Fourth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103


About Us

West Rhode & Roberts is a local, medium-sized accounting firm. Our firm is organized as a professional corporation and is licensed by the California Board of Accountancy. We provide accounting, auditing, assurance, and tax services to clients in San Diego and Southern California.

With West Rhode & Roberts, you gain the quality and expertise of a national or regional CPA firm without losing the flexibility and independence of a local firm. Plus, you realize the consistency that comes from working with a privately owned, autonomous CPA firm. We are based in San Diego, so we make decisions about your account right here - not in Portland, Seattle or New York. While other firms focus on the growth of their practice, we focus on you and your business.

Our partners have solid experience and diverse backgrounds and can provide timely, authoritative service in a range of business environments. When you choose West Rhode & Roberts, we assure you direct partner involvement in your audit, tax preparation, and financial reporting. The integration of on-site and off-site work by our firm’s partners puts accounting expertise as close to your finances as possible.